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  • jjulie1008
    Mar 3, 2009
      hi all- i am new to the group and would love info about how to find a
      the prior name of a person if they've been adopted. my husband's
      grandmother was adopted by a family named "rucker" when she was 6 or 7
      years old. she suffered from alzhimer's but used to talk about the
      adoption alot, and her brother (adopted brother) remembers her joining
      the family, but, unfortunately, not the circumstances. this is all that
      i have on her--
      geneva jenkins (married to henry jenkins)
      dob:may 14, 1902
      died:nov. 1984
      she was living in clarksburg, w.va. when she died and i am pretty sure
      that she was born in nutter fort or stonewood, w.va. she was a lifelong
      resident of w.va. and used to brag that her family had "always been in
      the hills of w.va." her adopted brother's name was bill rucker. any
      advice would really be appreciated because i have no clue how to
      proceed-- julie