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  • Synaptic Freak
    Nov 11, 2008
      Help !...I need to end this argument once and for all ...lol
      I am searching for a boy by the name of Richard Pabst, he would be my uncle. He was killed in 1936 (+/- 3 years just to be sure)  when he was struck by a car in New Jersey. I am searching for any information about this inccodent ..an Obituary, a newspaper article, anything! His parents (My Grandparents) were Gustav and Lillian Pabst. The story Im being told by my dad and aunts is. My Uncle Richard wanted to go to the local store (it was just across the street) He begged my grandmother to let him walk by himself (7 years old at the time) and he wanted to take my dad with him (3 years old at the time) ...My Grandmother said no to taking my dad with him, but allowed richard to go by himself ....he walked down the street about a block and then stepped out between two parked cars to cross the street and was hit. According to my dad and aunts pretty much the whole town saw or heard about it. An ambulance arrived at the scene and Richard was dead by the
      time they made it to the hospital...Im looking for any kind of record of this inccodent. There is a 1920 Census from Richmond, Staten Island, New York that shows Gustav and Lillian living in a home with Richard owned by Lillians Brother In-law Raymond Lake....They moved shortly after that Census to Bayonne, New Jersey  ...there are conflicting stories about what time of year it was ..one aunt says it was October because all the leves were yellow, my dad says it was winter time and the car tried to stop but slid on the ice....and onother aunt says is was spring time and it was raining really hard ....Im just trying to get this story sorted out once and for all...thanks :-)
      Steve :-)

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      Thanks for the advice. My relitives, that I know about, are all gone. I do have my mom's death certificate. I guess that would be a starting point. I have some family stories but they me false. I just found out that the Colclough's (china people) who I was told I related too wasn't in buisness in the Revolutionary war. They didn't start till 1890. So they weren't even close to our civil war. NUTZZZZZZZ!

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