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12000Re: [Genealogy Research Club] new here

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  • Linda
    Nov 2, 2008
      Best bet is to gather as much information as you can. One big problem
      is familysearch.org does not have some diocese and church records are
      gold with Spanish genealogy.

      Another issue is some places are known by different names depending on
      nationality. The area my family comes from has 3 different names for
      area and towns, Spanish, Basque and Franch. My family is from north
      Spain/Franch border area.

      There are a lot of Spanish groups, if determined, learn that an online
      translator is your friend if you do not speak Spanish.

      Email me if you want, perhaps I can help you. Just send me family names
      and any information you know. I can post for you on some groups.

      Linda Caastillo Valentino
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