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  • drneedle551
    Oct 20, 2008
      Hi photoguy,

      Your instincts about your albums is right on the money! Don't break
      them open and separate the images. albums are the best way to preserve
      your photos. It prevents them from being in the light for long periods
      of time, which can cause fading, and helps keep environmental
      contaminants (like pollution, smoke, aerosols) from slowly destroying
      your collection. KEEP THEM IN THE ALBUMS! I do this for a living. When
      you need to copy them a good copying company will take high resolution
      digital photographs of each page or each photo (as I do) and then save
      them to a disc or hard drive. Then they are saved for posterity and
      can be printed out for each member of the family to have a copy of
      what they want. This method preserves the originals and yet gives
      access to the images without danger of ruining them or the albums they
      are in ( which are historical artifacts in themselves.).

      Hope this helps. If you have more questions read the conservation page
      on my website: http://www.sdprr.com

      Rick Hayes
      San Diego Photographic Restoration and Repair

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, photoguy97
      <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > i'm sure plenty of you guys have dealt with getting or preserving
      > family photos. you see, we have dozens of photo albums and i want
      > kids & future generations to know their relatives. the kids are out-
      > of town and never see the memories. i've gone to Best Buy and looked
      > at their scanners, but I'm not a technology buff and I'm sure it
      > would take anyone months of their free time to do this on one of
      > those slow flatbed scanners. i can't take out that kind of time.
      > I looked online a bit for some services. i only found one that
      > actually scans photo albums - The Digital Convert (
      > www.thedigitalconvert.com ). They actually have excellent prices and
      > say they can finish in just a few days, but i was wondering if anyone
      > here has used them.
      > All the other places say you have to take all the pictures out.
      > That's insane! Our pictures are stuck to the pages with notes. We're
      > not gonna destroy our albums and get all the pictures mixed up.
      > Is this what everybody does with inherited albums? I mean not
      > everybody has room to store their parents' huge collections. And
      > splitting them up doesn't seem like the best idea.
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