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11904Re: [Genealogy Research Club] The Eneis family

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  • Barbara Sack
    Oct 1 3:41 PM
      Hi Richard,
      Although we share a city (I'm also in San Diego) we don't share
      family. I applaud and thank you for offering family info, if we were
      family. I'm just on the list and like many here, try to help others
      because I have a subscription to ancestry.com, which many people
      don't have (though it's accessible for free at the SD Public Library
      - did you know that?).

      From what I remember in looking this up, your grandfather Herbert
      was raised from a young age by his Metro uncles. I never actually
      found him with his parents. Do you know his mother's name? That
      would help, since the 1900 census evidently spells the Eneis name
      incorrectly. Did your grandfather have siblings? I ask all this
      because I've found the way to go back through the generations is to
      establish each one, find out where they lived, who all was in the
      family, etc., to be able to recognize them in prior census etc. By
      giving all the names surround the "mystery" person, those of us who
      have subscriptions to various sites can look to see if info is
      available for you.


      At 02:16 PM 9/30/2008, you wrote:

      >Hi. Yes Herbert and Mildred were my grandparents on my mothers side.
      >My grandmother stayed with us until her death here in San Diego.
      >Herbert died before I was born so I never knew him. I have a copy of
      >his death certificate which gives the following information:
      >DoB: Jan 29,1902
      >DoD: April 15, 1953 in Highland Park General Hospital, 4748
      >Rochester Rd., Highland Park, Wayne County, Michigan
      >The marriage certificate says he married Mildred Adeline Stark on
      >September 02, 1925 in Utica, Macomb county, Michigan
      >Military service: None
      >Occupation: Truck Driver (at death)
      >Children: Geraldine T. (My mother, living)
      >Mildred Marie (deceased 2007)
      >Carol (deceased 2007)
      >William John (deceased 1975)
      >I hope this helps. Herbert actually was a Jr.. The attending
      >physician misheard his mothers voice when he asked her what the
      >baby's name was and wrote his middle name as Edwin. His Father's
      >name is Herbert Edward, so he didn't get to be a Jr. I hope this
      >helps. It is documented with birth, death & marriage certificates
      >and funeral cards. If you have any ancestoral information to share
      >please pass it along. I have more on the Luteys and the Starks and a
      >bit on the Metros. Let me know if you need any of that.
      >Richard Hayes
      >----- Original Message ----
      >From: Barbara Sack <<mailto:bsack%40san.rr.com>bsack@...>
      >Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 1:31:20 PM
      >Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club] The Eneis family
      >Is this your family? To help you, we really need more info. We need
      >to know what you know about your great grandfather - full name, where
      >born, approx birth date, his wife's name, kids names, what kind of
      >info you're looking for. For example, there are other Eneis listings
      >in 1930 and other years in ancestry.com, but I haven't a clue as to
      >whether they might be "yours." Can you fill us in?
      >1930 Census
      >Name: Herbert E Eneis
      >Home in 1930: Warren, Macomb, Michigan
      >Age: 29
      >Estimated Birth Year: abt 1901
      >Birthplace: Michigan
      >Relation to Head of House: Head
      >Spouse's Name: Mildred A
      >Race: White
      >Military service:
      >Rent/home value:
      >Age at first marriage:
      >Parents' birthplace:
      >Neighbors: View others on page
      >Household Members:
      >Name Age
      >Herbert E Eneis 29
      >Mildred A Eneis 23
      >Mildred M Eneis 2 11/12
      >Carol E Eneis 2 3/12
      >Geraldine I Eneis 1 3/12
      >John Metro 72 (uncle to Herbert)
      >At 09:44 AM 9/27/2008, you wrote:
      > >I am researching my mothers maiden family The Eneis's. They were last
      > >in Michigan but I can find nothing on them before my great
      > >grandfather. The name can be spelled Eneis, Enies, Enis, or Enie. If
      > >anyone has any information on this family, anywhere I would be grateful.

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