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  • Gwen Koppers
    Sep 29, 2008
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      I want to thank every one who said I should contact my ex father in
      law. I did today and this is what he told me. (I am sorry that it is
      not much.) Juanita Lillian Cole does not have a birth certificate. But
      was born in Oklahoma. And that she died in 2002 in Ft. Worth Texas. All
      of her brothers and Sisters lived (lives) in Calfornia. And on James
      Elkins Bell was born in 1915. His parents came over on a ship While mom
      was pregnet. Unknown if James was born on the boat or the states. But
      he died on February 7(?) 1995 in Ft. Worth Texas. James' parents' were
      from Scotland. I am lost and I could use some help. Please Help.

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