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  • Mechelle Wallace
    Sep 8, 2008
      I really appreciate all this good research!  There is a giltch when I look at the PA. records,
      due to there being another Cunningham (Joseph) who lived and died in PA. Those Cunninghams then moved on to Rowan Co. NC. There is a line of Josephs, going from the
      I to the IV. I have never been able to connect my line to them. Family spoken history, states that my Joseph came from Ireland, migrated to Kentucky, then on to Missouri. I have found a possible match, in 1820 Casey, Co. Kentucky. I know he was in Missouri by 1833, as evidenced by tax records.
      I have not found any connection between Hugh Cunningham and my Joseph.
      I will explore what you have found, and thank you so much.

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      Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Introduction
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      Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008, 8:55 PM

      Hi Michelle,
      Do you know what county Joseph came from? I found the following in ancestry..

      York County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1749-1819 about Joseph Cunningham
      Name:Joseph Cunningham
      Description: Son
      Date:7 Mar 1803
      Prove Date:23 Mar 1803
      Remarks:Benjamin Cunningham. Mar 7, 1803. Executor: William Morrison.
      Fawn Township. Wife: Jean Cunningham. Children: Ambrose, Benjamin,
      Hugh, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, Sarah wife of Reve. Parker, Lates wife of
      Hugh Gibson, Jean wife of James McKuitt, Elizabeth wife of John
      Crozly, and Ann wife of Samuel Parker.
      Note that Joseph is the son of the person who's will is being
      "proved." And it gives the names of the rest of the family. Might
      this be a place to start to look?

      I found several Cunninghams in the Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
      Quarter Session Dockets 1750-1785 but the few I looked at are
      witnesses or jurors in cases. None seem to be a Joseph, but some
      could be his father or uncles or ?? They're too voluminous to
      include here, but if this is "his" county, I'll see if I can send
      them to your directly, if any apply (I didn't look at all of them).

      I also found the following for Lancaster Co, but it's hard to say
      what the Book/Vol number is for the ones w/o one - whether it's the
      one given for the name before or (I think more likely) for the one
      given next. I've included all the Cunninghams listed.

      Lancaster, Pennsylvania Probate Index, 1729-1850
      Name: Cunkle, William, Sr
      Year: 1831
      Book: F
      Volume: 1
      Page: 132
      Name: Cunningham, James
      Year: 1733
      Name: Cunningham, James
      Year: 1746
      Name: Cunningham, James
      Year: 1774
      Name: Cunningham, John
      Year: 1760
      Name: Cunningham, John
      Year: 1781
      Name: Cunningham, John
      Year: 1786
      Name: Cunningham, John
      Year: 1827
      Book: D
      Volume: 1
      Page: 77
      Name: Cunningham, Joseph
      Year: 1748
      Name: Cunningham, Joseph
      Year: 1769
      Name: Cunningham, Robert
      Year: 1800
      Name: Cunningham, Dr. Robert
      Year: 1806
      Name: Curpman, Christian
      Year: 1801
      Name: Curran, Sarah
      Year: 1824
      Book: B
      Volume: 1
      Page: 165

      Others earlier in the index:

      Lancaster Co Index p 26
      Name: Cunningham, Andrew
      Year: 1760
      Book: I
      Volume: 1
      Page: 81
      Name: Cunningham, Andrew
      Year: 1779
      Book: C
      Volume: 1
      Page: 523
      Name: Cunningham, James
      Year: 1793
      Book: F
      Volume: 1
      Page: 469
      Name: Cunningham, Mathew
      Year: 1795
      Book: G
      Volume: 1
      Page: 348
      Name: Cunningham, Roger
      Year: 1744
      Book: A
      Volume: 1
      Page: 90
      Name: Cunningham, Samuel
      Year: 1777
      Book: D
      Volume: 1
      Page: 374
      Name: Cunningham, William
      Year: 1752
      Book: A
      Volume: 1
      Page: 199

      Finally, there's a reference to Joseph Cunningham here:

      American Genealogical- Biographical Index (AGBI) about Joseph Cunningham
      Name:Joseph Cunningham
      Birth Date:1750
      Birthplace:Pennsylv ania
      Page Number:223
      Reference:Ten "Series" of "Pennsylvnia Archives" have been so far
      published in from 5 to 31v. Ea. Philadelphia and Harrisburg. 1852- (
      We have indexed Series 2, v.2 and v.8 ( early Pa. marriage recds.)
      And all the v. of SeriesV. Which contain nearly complete Pa. Rev. War
      recds.)Ser.5: 2:941, 963, 990; 4:125, 542

      This sounds very promising. I think you can find out that's in this
      index, even though you're not a member, by going
      <http://www.ancestry .com/search/ db.aspx?dbid= 3599&enc= 1>http://www.ancestry .com/search/ db.aspx?dbid= 3599&enc= 1
      If not, it includes this:

      Where to go from here:

      Remember that the AGBI is an index to individuals appearing in family
      histories and other genealogical works, and researchers are
      encouraged to locate and examine the material from which the database
      was created. If not available from your local academic or research
      library, most of the works referenced in the AGBI are housed at the
      Godfrey Memorial Library in Connecticut. A photocopy service is
      available. Please contact Godfrey Memorial Library, 134 Newfield St,
      Middletown, CT 06457 or via e-mail at
      <mailto:referenceinfo@ godfrey.org>referenceinfo@ godfrey.org.

      I hope some of this gives you something to work with.


      At 10:21 AM 9/4/2008, you wrote:

      >Thank you for taking the time to post these. I have ran out of
      >resources, and am still looking
      >at a wall. Unfortunately, I can't afford Ancestry right now.

      At 04:16 PM 8/25/2008, you wrote:

      >Hello to everyone,
      >I am new to the group, and new to genealogy. My name is Mechelle,
      >and I live in Fresno, CA. Like a lot of people, I waited too long
      >to develop an interest in Genealogy. Most of the people in my
      >family, who would have had the answers, are long gone.
      >Right now, I am searching for my Cunningham relatives.
      >They were Irish and they settled in S/W Missouri.
      >I can go as far back as my GGGG Grandfather Joseph Cunningham, b.
      >abt. 1786, in PA. His wife's name was Elizabeth, and she was born in
      >NC. There are 2-3 family trees on Rootsweb and World Connect, and
      >they all stop at Joseph. Nobody has been able to find that missing
      >puzzle piece.
      >Joseph and Elizabeth had one known child, William Lewis Cunningham
      >b. 1817 in MO. or KY.
      >The are were my family had their farms was in what is now called
      >Garrison Missouri. In that area, the county name changed three
      >times, after Joseph arrived abt. 1830. It started as Greene, then
      >changed to Taney, and then finally Christian County. (that was a big
      >My other family lines are, Wallace, Buchanan, Ellingsworth, Jones,
      >White, Moody, and Cook.
      >I know everyone is busy with their own research, but I would
      >appreciate any help that you can give.

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