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11542Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Looking for Death record

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  • Mary E. Conley
    Jul 2, 2008
      This may sound basic but have you check:
      The newspapers for both the town she lived in and her parents home?
      The cemetery where her parents and/or siblings are burried?
      Any chance of cremation?
      Any story of the family being on vacation at the time of her death & she was buried there?
      Maybe this will spark some additional thoughts.

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      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Looking for Death record
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      Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 4:25 PM

      I have one big hole in my genealogy research. My great grandmother
      has no record of death. There is no death certificate or record on
      file, no record at the cemetery where she should have been buried (the
      only one in town, her husband who died 50 years later is there, and
      they attended the cemetery's church). She would have died between

      She gave birth to a son in 1925 and by 1927 her husband was remarried
      and had a son with the new wife. We have used ancestry.com, the city
      library where all deaths in the county are recorded, and town hall of
      where she lived. Also, there is no possibility of divorce, my
      grandmother has always said her mother died when she was a kid.

      I have been advised to look at the health dept. for a burial permit
      but only funeral directors are apparently allowed to see them. Also
      have been told to look at area funeral homes to see if they have a
      record. But why would the state, county, and town have no record of
      her death? Why would she be buried somewhere else? The only place I
      have left to look is the church that she married at, maybe she was
      buried through that cemetery.

      Anywhere else I could look?


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