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11359Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Stringer family history

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  • Ms Brandy Sacco
    Apr 28, 2008
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      Your great grandmother Stringer or your grandfathers

      If you are looking for your frand-fathers mother, you
      have his SS #, birth and death date. You can file for
      a copy of his SS form that he filled out when he
      applied for his SS#. It will have his mother's maiden
      name and fathers.

      --- keenetrio <keenetrio@...> wrote:

      > I have reached another dead end.
      > I am hopeing someone can help here.
      > My great grandmother was married, or so it seems,
      > saids.
      > But I keep coming up with unknown Stringer.
      > Anyone that is doing/researching the Stringer
      > family, if you know who
      > Mary was married to, please let me in on the secret.
      > Thanks!!

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