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11119Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Help! Incorrect Records at Ancestry

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  • hollling
    Feb 8, 2008
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      > If the information on Ancestry is from a public forum, court of
      > law, death certificate, whatever, they still will not change it and
      > your chances of changing it depends on your ability to prove your
      > case and pay for the cost of proving it and having it changed.

      I can prove it, I have a death certificate, I have the statement of a
      relative who owns the address and phone where my deceased relative is
      listed as still living that the deceased does NOT and never DID live

      But those facts are of no use to me if ancestry.com won't listen, or
      won't disclose WHERE the information is reported from. It is NOT from a
      family tree. It is from a PUBLIC RECORD. GenerationsNetwork told me
      this is likely a county record, but won't elaborate.
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