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11114Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Help! Incorrect Records at Ancestry

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  • InLoveWeSearch@aol.com
    Feb 7, 2008
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      There is no way Ancestry will correct erroneous information. I tried
      getting something changed, stating that I could not understand how they could
      possibly allow information that my grandfather was married and had three children
      about thirty years before he was even born. The thing was, even in the tree
      where he was shown, it had the correct date of birth for Grandpa which makes
      it all the stranger. How can someone put such obviously wrong information in
      their tree? I would rather have blanks than have something I know is wrong,
      or as in my grandfather's case, impossible! You can try contacting the
      person who submitted the tree/information but good luck with that. Most people I
      have had contact with are adamant about keeping the information because it
      fills in their brick walls, even if it makes them look ridiculous. I guess I
      have just had bad luck with most of the 'family' contacts I have had. I
      have encountered the gamut from indifference to out and out anger and hate from
      people to whom I am related, no matter how distantly, so don't hold out much
      hope that you can get anyone to change their information. Most people do not
      take genealogy research very seriously and would prefer a name and date, any
      name and date, than to have factual information that requires some effort on
      their part. That is why I have blanks where other members of our extended
      family have names and dates as what they have is either not possible or is
      improbable. Guess I will never have the family tree on Ancestry.com I once
      discovered, where someone had 'traced' their family line back to a Roman
      centurion before the birth of Christ. Made for some interesting (more than likely,
      I would imagine, fictional) reading.
      If the information on Ancestry is from a public forum, court of law, death
      certificate, whatever, they still will not change it and your chances of
      changing it depends on your ability to prove your case and pay for the cost of
      proving it and having it changed. Case in point.....when my aunt died, her
      brother, my uncle, gave the information for her death certificate. One of the
      major points that is currently in error, based on his information, is that she
      was indeed married, and for quite some time, even though he supplied
      information to the contrary. My uncle told them she had never been married, even
      though he knew for a fact she had been married. Though I, and all my siblings,
      know the truth, none of us has the time or financial ability (or quite
      honestly the inclination) to go through the court and have it changed. So for all
      time, whenever anyone accesses her death certificate, they will be reading
      information that is incorrect.

      Bambi Lynne

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