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10928Dead end?

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  • mama2sally
    Dec 6, 2007
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      Hi all.

      I am researching my family tree and I have hit a dead end.
      I know who my father is, my Grandfather, great grandfather, and I know
      the name of my great great grandfather. But thats it.

      All my life I heard from my Grandfather how we were from
      But I have no record of that. My grandfather himself was born in the
      US in 1908 -- (before there was a Czechoslovakia.)

      My grandfathers father (My great grandfather) filled out a couple of
      census reports (before WWI) saying that his father
      (who would be great-great grandfather) was born in Germany, but there
      really wasn't a Germany back when my Great-Great Grandfather was born.
      That said I dont know my Great-great grandfathers exact birthdate.

      The only information I have found on my Great-Great grandfather is a
      passinger list with his name on it from when he came to the US. But it
      says he came from Russia and had Russian citizenship. (Not German or

      So I don't know what this means or how to go further back than this.
      I have no birth or death records for my Great-great grandfather
      I have no birth record for my great-grandfather but since he died in
      1974 we do have death records. I have birth records & death records
      for my grandfather & birth records for my dad.

      So how can I move forward with this search

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