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10899Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Does anybody use color coding?

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  • Margie
    Nov 30, 2007
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      i designed my own system which will likely not be good for future generations but it works for me. i don't know that i can explain it without just showing someone but i'll try. Everybody in my direct blood line is one color ~ i have a different color for each generation ~ ok bare with me this is real hard to explain without visual

      in one section i have my grandfather ~ Leroy Rice ~ is white
      in that same section is all of my grandfather's siblings which are all pink
      his siblings children are blue and their children are blue

      does that help at all?

      ewema99 <ewema99@...> wrote:
      I am always trying to get a BIT more organized - I've seen some color-
      coded charts. How does one color code?

      p.s. I'll be asking this to each of the three yahoo groups I belong
      too - so if you are members in those groups ..sorry you have to read it
      again :)

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