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  • pinidion
    Nov 12 9:52 AM
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      I try not to ask for research help unless I'm at my wits end so after
      2 yrs of looking for this man, we've reached it. He's my mother's
      2nd cousin.

      All I have of his early life is what an in-law of an inlaw's ww1
      draft card mentions about him..
      which is that he lived at 163 west 66th street, NYC as of 12 Sept.

      I can't find his entry into the US (which would have been between
      1915-1918 as per my mother). I can't find him in either the 1920 nor
      the 1930 census, nor can I find his ww1 draft card or his
      naturalization (index or otherwise.. but to be fair, I am not sure he
      was ever naturalized)

      He is in SSDI and the CA marriage index .. that's about it!
      I know he was born in Chios, Greece (then ottoman empire) on 2 Feb
      1901 (if SSDI is correct on birthdate of course)
      He married Katherine something.. in the late 1920's (probably in NY
      but they're not on the NY bride or groom's index either!) and later
      Rita Planeta (CA death index) had son John with 1st wife. But again,
      I'm not interested in later info, that is easy enough to uncover.

      Does anyone have any idea what I can do to find his early stuff,
      namely the stuff mentioned above? He must be the most elusive man
      ever, especially for a relatively young guy. I have more on my 3rd
      great grandparents than on him!

      what do you all think? I'd rather not spring for his death
      certificate, I'm not interested in that yet..

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