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10780[Genealogy Research Club] Re:Ancestry.com

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  • Lisa
    Nov 9, 2007
      I was able to find birthdate and death date, and several marriages and
      divorces... The other question I have is, did they a census in 1940?
      Also, i found the 1960 census, but I can't seem to find anything other
      than statistics. Do they no longer give names in the census? If so,
      what part of the census should I download?
      > Thanks again for all the help everyone has given me!!
      > Donna
      > There has been a census every ten years, but they are not released
      for I believe about 70 years. I cannot recall exactly but I think the
      1940 census will be released about 2014. You can get statistics but not
      actual names. This is done for privacy.

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