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10423The Howard sons, again...

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  • ok3co
    Apr 30, 2007
      First, I'd like to thank Susan Ball for all of the help she
      volunteered in my search for Harold 'Steven' Howard in California!
      Your input was the reason I found him, + he was grateful that I
      contacted him, despite the shock of hearing of his estranged father's
      death! He will be coming to Ohio during his trip to the East Coast
      next month!
      Second, I have yet to find his younger half-brother, if he's still
      alive. {I've been a bit busy with my 1st grandchild, born 2.26.07,
      whom I never expected to even see! :D } Anyway, I'm not sure if/how to
      access records to find someone born in California. He apparently had
      health problems at birth + may not have survived? Here's the data I have:

      Name: Michael James Howard
      Mother: Jacqueline Wiseman of Minnesota
      Place of birth: Santa Ana, CA
      DOB: early 1960's

      I realize it's not a lot to go on, but any suggestions would be
      welcome! I'm not online much + don't have any messengers on my
      son-in-law's computer (because I'm babysitting my new grandson here)
      but I do check my email at least once a day!