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  • Laurie Bates
    Feb 10, 2007
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      Hi, I am Laurie BATES living here in Lansing. I am researching my mother's paternal side of the family, STRICKLAND, and the history of the BATES family farm in Laingsburg. I find that I can work on one project to let my mind rest from the other one. Then when I need to; I go back to the other research and let that one rest.

      G Grandp Lewis Abijah came to MI in 1865 from Carlton, Orleans Co., New York.
      He settled in Eaton Co. after he married his first wife, Emily (not my g grandm)
      Mostly he was in Chester area and then Charlotte. He was Postmaster at the Chester Postoffice in the 1890's. He was widowed and married Ella (my g grandm) and their youngest is my grandp Lewis Joseph.

      In New York Lewis A left behind his father, Charles Wellington, numerous brothers, his Grandp Jesse (? middle name), and many uncles and all their families.

      Well, I don't want to over do my first entry in the group with a overload of info.

      Great to be here,
      Laurie Bates (STRICKLAND)

      Any questions? Get answers on any topic at www.Answers.yahoo.com. Try it now.

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