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Re: [genchatfriends] Any good places to preserve & digitize old photo albums?

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  • thewealth
    You need 1. Digital camera 2. Short legged tripod. Your camera store can help you with this. Store on line at places like flickr.com Hope that this helps. [
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 6, 2008
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      You need
      1. Digital camera
      2. Short legged tripod.
      Your camera store can help you with this.
      Store on line at places like flickr.com
      Hope that this helps.
      [ The lazy mans way for black and white]
      get a k7.net free online fax number.
      fax the b and w photo to yourself,
      save on your " computer"

      --- In genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com, Mary Hellman
      <mjhellman@...> wrote:
      > Hi Sandy.� Welcome to the sight.� I see you are a fellow
      Oregonian!!� Wow you have a very busy life for sure. I tell you, I
      have had such an incredible time with genealogy.� Have been doing this
      for a year and a half now and having a ball.� Have met a couple of
      cousins I did not know of (several times removed) but hey, they are
      living relatives!!
      > Mary
      > ________________________________
      > From: beaulah_2001us <beaulah_2001us@...>
      > To: genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, November 1, 2008 6:19:42 PM
      > Subject: Re: [genchatfriends] Any good places to preserve & digitize
      old photo albums?
      > I am not sure if I have ever posted in here. I have had a lot of
      > computer problems this year and a lot of life that keeps happening. So
      > I read when I can.
      > Well I read this and chuckled. My family have a photo album? ROFLMAO
      > What photo album? I got a big box of pictures that are getting moldy
      > due to where my parents are storing them and want to get the rest of
      > them as soon as I can. But I need to get these into some sort of album
      > just to get them in if for nothing else. I wish I had the photo album
      > dilemma! LOL
      > As a thought though and I do not know if this is feasible but, what
      > about kinkos? I think they can do larger scanning but you would be
      > scanning a whole page making a very large photo of the whole page. Or
      > maybe they would have some ideas as to how you can do it better and
      > cheaper and even faster than the traditional way we do at home. I have
      > scanned the photos into my puter but then I didn't have a huge page to
      > scan either since they are all just pictures in a box.
      > By the way everyone since I dont know if I ever got around to
      > introducing myself I will do so now.
      > I am Sandy, I live in Oregon. Most of the names on my side of family
      > are Schiewe, Montgomery, Paddock, Worden. The Schiewes came from
      > Bessarabia Russia and were originally I believe from Germany. Least
      > wise they spoke German and wrote German. They went through Prussia or
      > Poland. The Paddocks and Wordens at some point came out of New York.
      > My Great Grandfather did die in Virginia though on a hunting trip due
      > to Pneumonia. The Montgomerys come from the Southern states, Oklahoma,
      > Texas ect. It is believed that my grandpa was first or second
      > generation here from abroad.
      > My husbands side of the family are mostly Pokorny, Palanuk and there
      > are 3 different spellings on that name Divis (Divish)and I am sure I
      > will learn more soon. I have not had time to do anything this last two
      > years. Both kids moved home, one moved back out, we lost an Uncle, our
      > two fur girls Grace and Mocha all with in 10 months period of time.
      > Our dogs are as close to us as was my Uncle. We found a cousin that
      > has been missing for about 8 years. Long story there. But he is back
      > with us and that is the important thing. And a grandchild that comes
      > here every other weekend to see her dad who is still living with us.
      > Outside of Genealogy, I quilt, read and fit in a few classes at the
      > community college about an hour away from us. My husband had a very
      > bad concusion this year and stents put in also several months later.
      > So Just no time.
      > I would like to join Ancestry at least for a year so I can get a lot
      > of information from them. Then bow out for a year or so and get back
      > in and see what is new. But I want my son out of this room and in his
      > own appartment before I get into this project again as a serious
      > Well for now that is it. I got to get going and go fix some grub for
      > all of us now that son has gotten dishes done.
      > Sandy
      > Nice to meet everyone.
      > > > All the other places say you have to take all the pictures out
      > > first.
      > > > Are they crazy? Those pictures are glued in behind plastic. Why
      > > would
      > > > anyone destroy their albums - in effect mixing everything up and
      > > losing
      > > > all the notes inside?
      > > >
      > > > Or maybe you have some more ideas about sharing albums. What do
      > > people
      > > > do with parents' albums after they pass on? Especially if they have
      > > > dozens. You just split them up? I think scanning is a better idea;
      > > just
      > > > need a faster way to do it.
      > __._,_..___
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