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Re: [genchatfriends] Introduction

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  • Synaptic Freak
    this whole genetic thing is quickly becomming my life s work/Obsession.....It is so hard to express to people how much genetics play a part in our every day
    Message 1 of 33 , Nov 6, 2008
      this whole genetic thing is quickly becomming my life's work/Obsession.....It is so hard to express to people how much genetics play a part in our every day life ...most people for some odd reason believe that their hair & eye color and sometimes facial features are the only things that reflect any type of genetic connection to the rest of their family memebers ...The fact is YOU ARE a slightly altered/advanced carbon copy of your parents in every way shape and form...sometimes its subtle, and some times its drastic, but everything about you and your body is formed based on the instruction passed down from your biological parents......In my case since i was adopted, my personalaty has been slightly altered due to behaviors that have been tought to me by my adoted parents that have raised me ...like my wife often tells me i have a sick humor just like my (Adopted Dad)...alot of my manorisms I learned from my adopted parents ....there were also times in my
      younger childhood where i would do something a certian way and my adopted parents would wonder why they couldnt break me of a certain habbit......after i met my sisters and talked to them about their days growing up ...they too had the exact same habbits......Genetics are so incredibly powerful and cant just be dismissed to just hair and eye color.....the website that i have planned will most likely not be available for several more years because it is soo in depth...setting up everything and making it work properly is proving to be a task easier said than done ...I can see that it is possible, but there is alot more design and work to be done before it will be truely functional ...This site will be integrating alot of AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) due to the very broad nature of the information being entered. I just hope that i am able to create a functional site that will reflect the vision within my mind. Sometimes what you want and what
      actually works the way you had it planned are 2 totally different things ....(Unfortunatly)

      Its all about music, I call myself Top Quark.
      Music Page:

      Personal Profile Page:

      Interesting stuff: Defenestration, Trepanation (Just imagine, a trepanic drill!!...lol), Synesthesia

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      Subject: Re: [genchatfriends] Introduction
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      Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008, 6:09 PM

      >>>>I can sit and watch my biological dad for hours in complete amazement ..the way he combs his hair, how he falls asleep in his chair, the way he clears his throat or bites his finger nails ....its all like watching myself in a mirror ....it just boggles my mind !...the same with my biological mother and my 6 half sisters ....absolutly amazing !<<<<<

      Hey, Stephan,

      Read your post.  Amazing work you've done.  Genetics are fascinating, aren't they?  Which thumb is on top when you fold your hands, and how you cross your arms over your chest, even where and how you place a hand on your hip . . .  can be traced to your relations, genetic "fingerprints" as it were.
      "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once!"

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    • shilos_mom
      Hello everyone! I d like to introduce myself. I am researching BAIN and STOWERS on my husband s side and LINN and PAGE on my side. We are primarily from
      Message 33 of 33 , Aug 22, 2009
        Hello everyone!

        I'd like to introduce myself. I am researching BAIN and STOWERS on my husband's side and LINN and PAGE on my side. We are primarily from southern Illinois (USA) and points eastward.

        I am currently living in the great northwest (USA), so the majority of my research is now done online -- which has been surprisingly very productive.

        I am here to exchange information, offer any help I might be able to, and to ask for help as well. I live in southern Pierce County, Washington, USA, and would be happy to photo a grave in my area for you.

        My first cry for help is in choosing a new software. I am currently running Vista and using Family Tree Maker 2005. I think I have overwhelmed it as it is now locking up on me when I add even the tiniest GEDCOM files to it. I have read the reviews on the 2009 FTM version and not found them to be good -- locking up, losing relationships, losing data links, etc... I don't even want to risk that happening to me.

        I have been looking at Legacy 7, Family Tree Maker version 16, and a few others. I am understanding that no software will transfer my photos from FTM (which is a big deal to me) so if I have to transfer all my photos manually, I want to find the best software I can and do this monumental deed only once. I am tempted to buy FTM16 because it does not seem to have the issues the 2009 version has, it will transfer my photos, and I do like my FTM2005 -- I just think I have pushed it beyond its limits -- but then, by buying FTM16 am I only postponing the inevitable until a time I have even more photos to transfer? I don't want that either. After all, FTM is no longer made by Broderbund so there is no upgrading beyond v16 for me.

        Decisions, decisions...

        Can anyone recommend (or not recommend) Legacy 7 or any other software?

        Thank you for letting me join and for helping me.

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