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Re: jenny, eastern Oregon

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  • Jenny Simpson
    Well, I have back to England but that isn t very far on my Mom s side. William Rowsell came from England before 1876 so they haven t been here too long. His
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2006
      Well, I have back to England but that isn't very far on my Mom's
      side. William Rowsell came from England before 1876 so they haven't
      been here too long. His dad was Douglas Rowsell that we heard was an
      alcoholic and abandoned the family all we know from there is his mom
      was Elizabeth or Betty she was called. I have Douglas wife's name
      and parents and that is it, her name is Ann Cleal born about 1809 of
      Crewkerne, Somerset, England.

      William Rowsell's wife is Grace Lye also born in England and I do
      have some back on her several generations.

      Grandpa Rowsell's mom was Agnes Cora Park and her grandfather was
      born and married in Scotland and then came to US. Have lots back in
      Scotland on all those lines. Some of those go back to the 1600's and

      I haven't gotten the other line back to Wales yet just his story
      said he came from a line of welchmen around the time of William the
      conquerer but a different tribe. I'll have to read that again as I
      can't remember how he worded it. He wrote a lot of stuff, wrote for
      newspapers etc. but do you think he wrote the important stuff? Like
      dates etc. He refers to his brother-in-law Mr. Ricketts. But some
      sisters aren't even named Grrrr. Course maybe we just didn't find
      the other writings who knows. His name is Alvin Brown Roberts. He
      was quite a traveler came west and ended up in Oregon. I don't have
      that info with me right now but it is fun when you can find a little
      about them written.

      I have his Dad as Ebinizer Roberts. I have conflicting info. On the
      death certificate A.B. Roberts son said that A.B.'s dad was born one
      place and the census says another. I'm thinking A.B. probably knew
      better what to tell the census taker than what his son knew to put
      on his death certificate? What do you guys think? So that is where
      I'm stuck there. Just need to research both places out I guess.

      My grandmother had his dad as Ebinizer Dobel Roberts which I think
      is wrong. There is an Ebenezer Doble Roberts but I'm pretty sure he
      isn't the right one. Wish he was as it connects to lots of Roberts'

      So you have a family crest? That is neat. Jenny in Oregon

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      <trooooglin@...> wrote:
      > If I am to understand you correctly, you have your
      > families both back to Wales and England? Geesh, I
      > would feel that a great accomplishment. I think I
      > have my mother's family back to 1796 in US, before
      > that??????
      > Someone else in my father's family did back to 1695
      > with the birth of the first child to the family in
      > the US. I do have information on the family in
      > England, to purchase of a massuage there and the
      > awarding of a crest in 1532 but I haven't connected
      > them to my family, yet. I doubt I ever will, in my
      > lifetime. Hardly any doubt tho, the name is not all
      > that prolific.
      > Welcome, and I am sure someone will relate to your
      > search.
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