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  • pooh0322
    I thought I would repost my surnames again....see if anyone might recognize some of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2001
      I thought I would repost my surnames again....see
      if anyone might recognize some of
      them.....<br>ANDERSON<br>BRADLEY<br>AYERS<br>MILLER<br>DAVIDSON<br>HOLCOMB<br>WATKINS/WADKINS<br>JORDAN<br>Most of my people came into Ga from the Carolinas some
      from Virginia, Alabama. And settled in the Habersham,
      Banks, Hall Co.
      areas<br>**************************************************<br>Some others I am working on for my Sister-in-law
      are....<br>THOMAS<br>LEE<br>WELCH/WELCHEL<br>JORDAN<br>WATERS<br>WADKINS/WATKINS...she has two different lines one of them is the same
      line as mine<br>ANDERSON....different line from
      mine<br>Most of her people came down out of the Carolinas too,
      some whent to Oklahoma in the Indian removal...very
      sticky research wise with those who stayed
      behind....lol<br> They were mostley in Lumpkin, White, and
      Co.<br>**************************************************<br>and last but not least...my
      Mother-in-law....LOL!!<br>ELLARD<br>LEE...different line<br>FITZGERALD<br>THACKER<br>We have just
      started on hers so we don't have alot of info yet....her
      Lees according to a cousin is supposed to be decended
      from Robert E. Lee's brother. <br> Most of her people
      are from the Stephens Co. area.<br> Any help or
      pointers in searching would be GREATLY
      appreciated.<br><br> I have come to a dead end on my ANDERSONS...I
      have a James Ellard Anderson (Cubby) who just appeared
      in Habersham Co. in 1820 he married in 1821 and that
      is the furtherest back I can get...he listed on all
      censuses that he was born in NC but I can't find him
      ANYWHERE =(<br> Anyway just thought I would check
      in...mabey somebody out there knows something or can help me
      figure it out.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Amy
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