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New Beginnings

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  • ganlon
    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I think we all made it through the Y2K scare computers intact. I m researching the following surnames: GALLAHER from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 1999
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      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!<br> I think we all
      made it through the Y2K scare computers intact.<br>
      I'm researching the following surnames:<br> GALLAHER
      from Salem area of New Jersey<br> SMITH from the same
      area.<br> PARKER from Salem and Gloucster areas of <br> New
      Jersey<br> Freeman from Purvis Mississippi area and<br>
      originally from Augusta, Georgia<br> Sims from Purvis
      Mississippi area<br> I have managed to get the family names
      back several generations. Henry Boyd Freeman is as far
      back as I can go. I know his brothers and sisters
      names and where he was born and when but not his
      parents. Henry B. Freeman was born June 1, 1943 near
      Augusta, Ga. He came to Mississippi when he was about 2/3
      years old.<br> William Gallaher I have traced him back
      to when he was born who he married and his children.
      I don't know where he was born. Perhaps he is a
      direct desendent of Caleb Gallaher who came to Deleware
      From Ireland?<br> Any help would be appreciated.<br>
      Thanks<br> Ganlon
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