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9591Looking for info. on Lugarda Sonobia (sp?) born approx. 1866 in Louisiana

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  • katy_road_pink
    Apr 2, 2009
      I'm having a diff. time finding any records about her. Well, I have found a couple, but nothing too significant... a couple of old census documents from Louisiana, where they have her name spelled either Lugada or Lugadra (I don't know for sure that her name was Lugarda... but it was on her son's death certificate, so I am assuming it is as it is on the cert.--Lugarda Sonobia). One census says she was born in Louisiana, and that her dad was from Spain and her mom was from Louisiana. The other says both parents are born in Louisiana.
      I know she was married to Leon Nicholas Henriques, who was born in the Philippine Islands. They had a son together, also named Leon Nicholas Henriques, who was born in Louisiana. They had other children as well.
      Does anyone have any possible info. on this person? How likely is it that perhaps her name was spelled wrong on her son's death certificate? Could it have been a similar last name, but spelled differently? I certainly can't seem to find much on Sonobia. One census I found said she could not read or write, so I wonder... perhaps she did not know the spelling of her surname? Perhaps whoever wrote up the death cert. spelled her name phonetically. Yeah, I know that sounds far out, but I don't know what else to think.
      Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
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