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  • Tom Knox
    Sep 1, 2008
      I have found that it seems to depend on the state & county & year.
      Some states require lots of information on a marriage application;
      some states seem to require no more than names, ages and IDs.
      Before states required state registration, the process depended upon
      whatever the county or locality required - which varied widely.
      Personally, I have never seen a marriage application that listed
      previous marriages; but then again, I haven't seen that many.

      So, yes - definitely get the applications & licenses;
      you might get the prize in the box of Cracker Jacks!

      - Tom Knox

      --- In genealogychatfriends@..., Patti VanWagner
      <sunshine360days@...> wrote:
      > Yes, the application! I think that's what I meant to say. I have
      one and it tells prior marriage info, etc. I sent for it years ago,
      though, and don't recall how/where I got it.
      > To: genealogychatfriends@...: tro_glin@...: Sun, 31 Aug 2008
      18:04:36 +0000
      > Subject: [genchatfriends] marriage licenses
      > I have found that if the application is available, a lot
      moreinformation is on that than the license which only lists the
      names of bride and groom, generally.Some apps have parents' names,
      and in the case of previousmarriages, this might be indicated by the
      bride's name differentthan her parents. But, I do not believe it is
      the process ofrecording to list any previous marriages.
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