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  • ljm
    Aug 1, 2008
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      First of all, don't worry about spending any money, you will find
      that you can research for free. Secondly, do a bit of research on
      the methods of genealogy. Kimberly Powell over at about.com
      (genealogy section) has a very good tutorial for beginners.
      Familysearch.org has one as well. And I do believe there is a book
      you can check out at the library called "Genealogy for Dummies".

      Once you have written down all the information you know then you
      start with the unknown. Use these resources in your research:

      Federal Census(1790-1930)go to a library that has ancestry.com, all
      you need is a library card OR locate a LDS(Mormans) center in your
      town, you can order census film for a small fee(or they may have
      certain years in their facility)) Familysearch.org has the 1880
      census for free. The Mormans have the largest genealogy holdings in
      the world. Learn how to use the federal census in your research,
      there are books you can get from the library just on the federal

      SSDI: The Social Security Death Index lists all deceased people who
      were receiving benefits. Access this through rootsweb.com or
      familysearch.org. The SSDI helps in determining date of death and

      Ellis Island website has passenger lists if your ancestors were
      foreign born

      Many libraries have extensive genealogy sections, most with a
      genealogy society as well. They will help you get started.
      Libraries have newspapers on microfilm if you need to find an obit
      or death notice.

      Volunteer websites: Rootsweb.com and USGENWEB.com Volunteers have
      transcribed and contributed documents/research. RAOGK.org is a site
      where people will look things up for you from their collection for

      I could go on and on, but don't forget your most important resource,
      your family. Start interviewing them and get copies of documents,
      such as birth, death, marriage, baptismal certificates. Funeral
      cards and obit clippings. Old photographs can be scanned and saved
      to your computer.

      And lastly, a word on organization, it is very important that you
      develop a filing system. Usually a folder for each person and their
      spouse is sufficient. I make a master folder for the surname I am
      researching and then put my individual folders in the master
      folder. My master folder also contains information on the location
      I am researching. If all of your ancestors lived in Illinois, then
      make a folder for all the resources available to you in Illinois as
      well. There are many genealogical forms available for free on the
      internet as well. These forms help organize your data:

      Family Group Sheet
      Pedigree Chart
      Research Log

      Good Luck and you can always post questions here when you need
      help. You will find fellow researchers love helping others!


      genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com, "spiritwolf_wolfwalker"
      <spiritwolf_wolfwalker@...> wrote:
      > I am trying to learn to do genealogy. I don't know what I am doing
      > I have a very limited income that keeps me from signing up for the
      > research places online. How do I do this with no money?
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