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8634Re: [genchatfriends] Re: Family Tree Maker Lite program -- FREE Limited time.

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  • annystokes
    May 4, 2008
      Thanks, Jerry. Good to know!

      Also --- I believe old dogs can learn new tricks : )) Moreover, it's essential we do. Those hard-bought, hard-fought for new neural pathways help keep us nimble in mind. [I think the inventor of the remote control had us in mind ... always a new one to conquer!]

      Last year, I finally bought a tracfone for when I'm walking in the neighborhood. I tend to take some pretty nasty falls and my family wasn't too happy about my outdoor walking. Being outdoors for me is a renewal!

      All that to say .... that stinkin' cell phone was frustrating me to death! I didn't want to read the manual ... and if I did, it seemed like Greek -- no hieroglyphics! I almost caved and had my son set it all up, but since he lives 1000 miles away, I was forced to do it myself. (He did load a bunch of family phone numbers for me at Christmas - at 10X the speed I did it :). Then, I would make myself mess around with the phone while taking my mid-walk break. That's also a time I sometimes call my daughter for a shorttttt call since these are ER minutes only :) In general, I've MASTERED THE BEAST! I've even changed the phone number to be a local area code, put in my voice mail message, played the games while waiting in a doc's lobby, etc. [I know most of you have conquered cell phones years ago, but I'm pretty homebound and had no need for one - plus, I just couldn't afford it! Our tornado alley storms keep my landline a necessity]

      I have to say .... it made me a little proud, but more than that, it renewed my commitment to learn new things. I'm reading a book which I find difficult. I'm walking further and harder ... despite a big fall 2 weeks ago from which I'm still sore :) Tutoring another woman in a college level course for using Bible study tools (exploring Greek and Hebrew, tenses, grammar -- yikes!). Stretching, Pushing, Stretching, Pushing ...... it's a good thing! By the grace of God, I'll go on learning and growing -- I'll always be "dated" in the younger generations' minds, but we know the truth ... it just makes us more experienced.

      And we depend on those younger ones to find new stuff for us to learn. (Would someone tell them to slow down a little! Mercy me! LOL).

      Onward and upward!


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      From: jmg19532001
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      Subject: [genchatfriends] Re: Family Tree Maker Lite program -- FREE Limited time.

      Hmmm. I joined this group a while ago, I am Jerry. I work with computers
      and computer networking as I am sure some of you in this group do also.
      I have been "lurcking" and to be honest am fascinated by the amount of
      replies and the activity of the group. Someday I will post my brick
      walls.... I am hoping the government will release the "abducted by
      aliens database", circa 1880's by Xmas.... Hmm, I believe in Santa

      As with any software program, there are bugs in it. I use FTM 2008, I
      used it from the day it was announced, I have never lost my data as some
      have, I have not had any issues with software compatibilty with XP or
      with Vista and I have it on both machines. I seem to be in the monority,
      but felt strongly to put in a good word for the product. It has
      fantastic views of data, you can surf and search within the product in
      an IE7.0 browser. I believe it is compatible with Firefox also. I keep
      copies of my documents "within" the software linked to the person. And
      backup on an external (DVD or CDROM) drive. I am self taught in the
      software, like most techies, I never read the manual. But saying that, I
      believe I am missing features and will probably buy the book.

      One thing to realize, there is no ultimate solution. Whatever you are
      comfortable with and whatever works. I still use pencil, paper and oh
      yeah, that thing called a mini-cassette... Works real well with my 80
      year old mom when I talk with her.

      Thanks, Jerry from Ohio...

      --- In genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com, "garyb11111"
      <garyb11111@...> wrote:
      > I would be interested to know what folks think of this FTM-Lite
      > program. I am STILL--after many years--trying to find the right
      > Genealogy Software program, and I had just about been ready to choose
      > FTM, based on opinions of respected friends, when I discovered that
      > the current edition of FTM is a relatively recent and bug-
      > ridden/incomplete one--FTM2008. And the reviews I've read of FTM2008
      > posted here-and-there by longtime FTM users have been overwhelmingly
      > negative. So I've been thrown for a loop. I wasted dozens of hours
      > beginning a Tree with Personal Ancestral File [PAF], before I
      > discovered it was too primitive to continue using, and I don't want to
      > do that again.
      > --- In genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com, "Keri" Keri_AZ@
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi all.
      > > I was just at ancestry.com and downloaded the FTM lite program. Its
      > > free for a limited time.
      > >
      > > http://landing.ancestry.com/ftm/lite.aspx?
      > > html=db&o_iid=35929&o_lid=35929
      > >
      > > Keri
      > >

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