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8372Re: [genchatfriends] Re: need Family Tree Maker 2006

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  • C Tuttle
    Jan 2, 2008
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      I know that Internet Technical personnel at a lot of colleges and universities are not happy with Vista and will not do technical support due to so many problems that have occurred . A lot of programs will not work with Vista. It has a lot of problems (bugs).

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      Patricia Hefner <verte76@...> wrote: I don't know because I'm currently using XP. I'm getting a new computer on Friday that has Vista on it, so I'll see then.


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      Not sure....??
      Does Vista have options to run programs in older versions of windows
      like XP??? If so, configure Vista to run FTW in XP mode... That should
      work, as I am running XP and have no troubles. Right now I am
      refraining from upgrading to ista, as a computer tech that worked on my
      office computers told me NOT to upgrade to Vista! He is a programer and
      did not like the way it worked... said it had too many "bugs" yet to be
      fixed!! Maybe he is just old fashioned, but I trusted his judgement on
      THIS ONE... besides, he would have refused to maintain the new OS for
      me... not a biggie now, as I am no longer in business, I sold my
      practice and retired! YEAh!!!!!!

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