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8364Re: need Family Tree Maker 2006

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  • Sharon
    Jan 1, 2008
      Do you have FTM 2006? (you can still buy it!)I have heard so many bad
      things about 2008 that I haven't even installed it even though I have
      it! I keep using my 2006 version (Millinimum). I have read that the
      2008 version does alot of newer & better (?) things; but I have also
      read reviews that say that it no longer supports self printing your
      own "book", and you have to go through their publisher! I haven't
      checked this out, but that is not an option I would like due to the $$
      Your best bet is to manually back up your data very frequently in a
      gedcom form to a folder on your hard drive or to a RW disk, thumb
      drive, or external hard drive. That way you can restore the info back
      to the program.
      Fortunately, the costs of the external hard drives and thumb drives
      have really come down in costs, even for the larger volume ones!
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