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  • shirleymcd@provide.net
    Oct 1, 2006
      Not sure where your Hinkley's are from, however, there are
      Hinkley's today in Tippecanoe County, IN. There ancestors
      would have been born about 1900 - Tom Hinkley married Helen
      Gatton circa 1920. They were cornerstones in my church.
      Tom and Helen have at least 3 if not 4 children. Have no
      idea is this is helpful or not. (What got me to think
      about is that there is a Sara Hinkley Niccum born about
      1970 that is a part of that family. Maybe it is
      chance...maybe she was named after an ancestor.)

      Shirley McDonnell

      Kevin I have a lady by the name of Sarah Ann Hinkley that
      is married to
      my ancestor Moses Clawson. Born 1832 England.
      My grandma claimed that it was Inkley though as she said
      they dropped
      the H when they said it.

      I'm new here. I'll have to do an intro later in a hurry but
      glad to be
      here. Jenny

      > Sorry, I hope to get something on here eventually. Just
      so you know,
      > I set up this e-mail address solely for my genealogy
      work. Well,
      > right now, with different subscriptions I have to lists,
      I have 519
      > new e-mails to go through...and you can imagine the
      length of some of
      > those digests.
      > Well, the main names I'm researching are March, Bullis,
      > Hinkley, Cawley and Lalonde.
      > Thanks,
      > Kevin March
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