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7126Re: [genchatfriends] MIchael Harrison, again

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  • Wayne Harrell
    Aug 1, 2005
      From: "trooooglin" <trooooglin@...>
      Date: 2005/07/31 Sun PM 06:26:35 EDT
      To: genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [genchatfriends] MIchael Harrison, again


      When you get a link like the above be sure to get all of it when you copy paste it from the message to move it... As often these long links one misses part of it so it will not work. Also some of the search engines have times set of a search item so that after that time the links will not work off them. Thus you may end up back at the main search page or in some get an error message saying site not working or your broser needs resetting. Also for this address you might get it to work better with just to the .com part dropping the rest of the line. Also can try up to INDEX.. as this looks like from what follows INDEX one that was off a search and the final is the page or location that search was found at. Often time without us knowing it these sites add COOKIES to our computers when we use sites that track out movements, AS MEMBERS of site, on them so that if we come back we get it faster since we have one already.. Thus since you didn't use it first time around you don't have COOKIE so if you have to be MEMBERr of site it will block you out as not a MEMBER since no COOKIE.