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  • a6_driver
    Aug 2, 2003

      Don't group all Native Americans as Mongoloid, if you tell a
      Cherokee, Creek, Siminole or any number of other Eastern or
      Southwestern tribes that they are of Mongoloid decent and they might
      just smack you up side of the head. Only the central plains tribes
      will tell you they came from the North, which is where they would
      have come from if they crossed over from Asia.


      --- In genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com, Carol Brooks
      <sbrooks@c...> wrote:
      > We Native Americans are of the Mongoloid race so will come out as
      > Asian decent.I am not too thrilled with the DNA process.Someday
      > may be able to tell on amount of genetic material but that is a
      long way
      > off.
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