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5954Re: Don't make this mistake

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  • Marie B. <rmbeck@bellsouth.net>
    Mar 1, 2003
      Blacksheep Genealogy Society has a page that has a listing of Gen

      The one that I've seen the warnings on lately is Genseekers who were
      shut down once before several years back and kept coming back with
      new names

      were the two that I remember.

      Sorry to hear of your bad experience.
      Don't feel dumb--there are others who have done the same thing though
      I believe you should be able to cancel or deny the charge after you
      have called Ancestry and told them that you do not want it.

      I've never used Ancestry's Free 14 day trial. However I think you
      will find that both Genealogy.com and Ancestry.com do require a
      credit card for billing info with any of the free trial subscriptions
      mainly I guess cause they believe in their product and think you will
      find it useful. As a subscriber the most helpful part to me at
      Ancestry is their Census Images ....few libraries would let me in at
      the time of the day I do my research so I am paying for the easy
      access which is fine with me. I am greatful that MyFamily Inc the
      parent company of Ancestry took ownership of Rootsweb(which is a free
      site) so that Rootsweb could stay afloat. Ancestry does have some
      free parts like some of the maps and how-tos as well as the
      Ancestry/Rootsweb message boards and Ancestry Family Tree(AFT). I do
      use Genealogy.com's GenForum boards some and my main Genealogy
      Program is FTM.
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