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5839Re: [genchatfriends] suggestions needed!

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  • Judi Hardin
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Wayne Harrell wrote:
      > Judi,
      > You might want to look at where other folks from the same area were getting married. If you know siblings who lived in the same area then check where they were married also if you know folks off deeds and such other documents look to see where they were married. Also if you know of a minister in the family or church the family might have attended then check in that area. Since you don't know the parents then these are the other possible sites to look as have found that folks tended to go to a more populated area to get married when they had little or no family in the same area as them.

      Hey, wayne. Did you see my follow-up post (titled, descriptively
      AARRGGHH!!))? I didn't have any of the information that you suggest
      above; it was sheer blind dumb luck that I found an on-line record of
      the marriage in Chariton County, where I suspected Mary might have
      relations since that's where she and her husband moved after all his
      family had died in Indiana. Now I'll have to see if I can find another
      source or two to sort of nail it down. I need to find out if Chariton
      County was keeping any paper records of marriages that far back.
      Otherwise--hm--I suppose I could check Jacob's obit to see what church
      he went to, although it was the obit that told me they were married in
      St. Louis, darn it.

      Thanks for the suggestions. :)

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