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4748Hello i'm NEW & I'm looking for Hobsons

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  • suzyquzy65
    Sep 1, 2001
      Hello ALL<br>I heard this a great group to belong
      to .. Lots of support and knowledge. I sure need
      Info.. Been searching to no end really.. I am looking
      for Info on my Great-Grandfather and his family that
      i don't know much about.. The name is Benjamin
      Hobson.. Late 1800's i'd say he was born.. From NY area,
      Told buried in a Long Island cemetary.<br>I am looking
      to find out if anyone has any info on him. His wifes
      name was Marion. He had sons, Gilbert,Dawson, Marion,
      Walker, and Walter.<br>Please let me know if anyone has
      any info about him..He left his family one day, and
      theres not to much knowledge how come.. Thanks in
      advance for any help.. I need it!!!!! Sue