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3074Re:Links/Coleman, Cain, Palmer/Plummer

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  • flbabe_38
    Sep 1 10:33 AM
      Eunice, what does this article have to do with
      preserving documents? It doesn't. It's a story about bygone
      era. Very good though! Is that what www.themestream is
      all about? I will find out someday!<br> What's this
      about classes in genenealogy? When & where? Here I
      assume. Please post! I am new a<br>member & haven't
      figured things out on here as yet!<br> I am
      doing:Cain/Coleman, Reeher/Davis in WPA in the 1850's & beyond. And
      some of those name in Columbiana County, OH, plus
      PALMER< PLUMMER< McKinnon, & other families too
      numerous to post today! Coleman also in VA/perhaps,
      perhaps I heard a link in Loudon county? Any Coleman
      knowing links to WPA? Jonathan Coleman may've been from
      VA, talking in the early 1800's. How about Palmer's
      in the 1850's-1900 in Baltimore, County, MD? I am
      looking for ya. Wm. married a Annie? Carmen, perhaps, &
      had David & Henry W. who moved together or eventually
      to Ohio in the 1880's top Columbiana County, OH.
      Both of these brothers died in 1903, & have the stats
      on some of the links, especially David's line to
      present day! Any Cousins out there!? Contact me & see!