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  • April_Anastasia
    May 24, 2014
      I recently got the latest version of Family Tree Maker 2014, because my old version couldn't "talk" to Windows 7. This spurred me into my ever ongoing search for my family roots.

      Since I can't really access my laptop so easily anymore, I may have come across this problem previously. What was vexing, is I ran a search from Ancestry.com on my second great-grandfather, only to discover he'd been married prior to his marriage to the only woman I'd known about. *:-O surprise  Not only that, but I can find no source material, other than the 1900 census record for the second marriage. *:-O surprise Any records I come across are for the first marriage, only.

      So, I decided to try to resolve this issue as best as I can. I watched a couple of tutorials over at Ancestry.com and then decided to put on my detective hat. I started by pondering the question: What happened to Eliza Jane Herring, born Allen. Since she married John Wesley Herring in 1867, Illinois. And he married Ida Belle Scribner (the second great-grandmother I was aware of) in 1873. That's only a six year span of time. I also discovered one child from this first match, born in 1868 in the same place as his mother: Ellington, Adams, Illinois, USA. I originally thought she must have died during childbirth. I ran a search on her possible death: 1868. Nothing. I then decided to better hone my search and ran a few more census records on her. She was still alive according to the 1870 Federal Census. She was living in what appears to be her mother's home, along with a couple of her younger siblings and her then toddler son. She was all of 17 according to the census record. (At least that's what she was on her last birthday, as the question was set). Her son 1 year old on his previous birthday.

      The 1880 Federal Census lists J.W. Herring (Head), Ida B. Herring (wife of Head), Walter (son) and Eda P. Herring (daughter), etc. . Since Walter (Eliza's son) was now living with his father and step-mother, I could only conclude that somewhere between 1870 and 1873, since J.W. appears to have a different wife, that something had happened to Eliza. I started a new search for the year 1871. Still nothing. Changed it to 1872. Again, nothing. I even ran a search with her possible death date being 1873 and came up empty. Somewhere in all of this, I came across the 'Family Data Collections-Deaths' files. I gave it a try. Low, and behold, there was a listing for an Elizabeth Herring and a death date: 7 May 1871. Eliza was listed in the 1870 census as Elizabeth. Other family trees that list her, have her as Elizabeth "Eliza" Jane Allen. I'm relatively certain this is she. Sadly only the date of death is listed. There isn't any actual source material. *:( sad But it's something more to go on than I had before.

      I still have to find J.W. Herring in a 1770 census record to find out just why his wife and baby son were not living in his home, but at least I've found a listing of when his first wife passed away. Sadly, she was very young. Born in 1853. that puts her at the tender age of 18.

      I'm still struggling to find all the pieces to this puzzle. If anyone has any suggestions of just where I should look, I'm all ears (or eyes, since this is an email and I'll be reading the response). I still haven't found a registry of my biological second great-grandparents marriage. *:-O surprise But, that's what draws us in, right? For every nugget we find, a new mystery pops up begging to be solved.

      I wish all of you great good fortune in your searches. Thanks for letting me share. *:D big grin
      "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once!"
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