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  • April_Anastasia
    May 3, 2014
      I need some advice. I've been working on my family tree for several, sporadic, years now and have very recently refocused my energies on it. Primarily, I'm working on my late father's side of the family. But, there's a huge problem I've recently come across. I have an Anna Friend who married a John Sevier, who gave birth to my third great-grandmother Elender Sevier. She, in turn, married Daniel Washington Herring, and one of their sons, John Wesley Herring is my second great-grandfather.

      Anna Friend's line upward is the problem. Her parents allegedly were Joseph Friend and Elender Mattison/Matteson/Madison. Parents of Joseph Friend were allegedly a John Friend and Elizabeth Unknown. John Friend is allegedly a son of Israel F. Friend, who's wife was Sarah Catherine Bokovar (or Bokovar Sara). Some suggest she was full Shawnee Indian. Others say, no way, they've had the DNA testing done, no trace of American Native DNA in their blood.

      I have pruned this branch off of my tree, especially when I noticed the father of Bokovar was born AFTER she was. *:-O surprise I'm pretty good with garden sheers. I went back down to Anna Friend. She's noted as John Sevier's wife on a few websites online. Also, if I type in Anna Friend marriage to John Sevier, there's an Ancestry.com page that notes her existence, their marriage, children and her parents. I'm reasonably certain, she's the right person in my tree.

      When I tried to explore this branch the next time, I found family trees over at Ancestry.com who listed a different person as Bokovar's father. I was readily able to see the problem. Someone grabbed the name of her brother and used it as her father. Then, I came across (on the web) more webpages again renewing the doubtful nature of any Native American connection.

      Basically, I've reached an impasse. I'm not sure where to go with this next. I certainly don't want my tree populated with "fictional" ancestors. I'm perfectly fine not having Native American blood. I did NOT grow up with such stories of my heritage, beyond my father joking that we were from the "Black Foot" tribe. (Yeah, we grew up in sunny So. California and ran around bare foot a lot.) Dad was quite the comedian.

      The only story I grew up with was knowing we had a connection to the first governor of Tennessee, John Sevier. The only Sevier/Herring connection I could find was the Daniel W. Herring/Elender Sevier marriage record and a census showing a J.W. Herring as one of their sons.

      I'm vexed, I'm frustrated, I don't know what to do next. If anyone has any advice at all, please, I'm all ears. Thank you, in advance.
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