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11284Genealogy related Technology, Tips & Tricks

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  • mark_f_rabideau
    Oct 16, 2013
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      Might you be interested in Genealogy related Technology, Tips & Tricks? If you are, GenerousGenealogists has just opened a new area dedicated to providing answers about Technology and its use in Genealogical endeavors, as well as providing Genealogy Tips & Tricks.

      To get this function 'really rolling' we need more questions and answers... I have seeded the site with a few initial topics.  But we really need help from readers and genealogy buffs like you.  Please stop by, visit, and participate.  Register for an account if you'd like, but one is not required for either asking or answering questions or providing tips, etc.

      I have made an attempt to explain most of what you need to know and placed the explanation on the site landing page.  We are located at:


      Oh and as with everything else on GenerousGenealogists, this area is "free of charge" and free of advertisements.