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11237Re: [genchatfriends] Fantastc Week!!

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  • Jthrly@comcast.net
    Sep 27, 2012
      Congrats to you. So glad you found these cousins and hope you get to meet
      them in person.

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      From: Ron / Gadz
      Date: 9/26/2012 10:03:29 PM
      To: genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [genchatfriends] Fantastc Week!!

      I bursting with excitement that only a another genealogist can relate too.
      What a wonderful week this has been for me! Let me share my story.

      I have so much family history on my mother's side of the family but so
      little family history on my dad's side since my paternal grandparents both
      immigrated from Poland and there is so little know about my Polish ancestry.

      Several months ago I did a goggle search for my surname--Gadzalinski--and
      came up with four people with that name who live in Poland. But when I tried
      to send one of them an email, it couldn't be delivered for some reason. This
      frustrated me as I was certain that Slawomir Gadzalinski, b. 1960, had to be
      related somehow.

      For some reason I decided to do a search for "Gadzalinski" on Facebook and
      would you believe it....there was a page for Slaowomir Gadzalinski, b. 16
      Apr 1960 in Dzialosyn, Lodzkie, Poland now living in Gdansk, Poland. I
      promptly sent him a brief message saying I think could be related. He
      replied that he also thinks we could be related.

      Next, I told him who my father, grandfather and great-grandfather were (that
      s as far back as I have in my Gadzalinski records). Slawomir wrote back
      telling me who his father, grandfather and great-grandfather were.

      The next email from Slawomir stated "WE ARE COUSINS!!!" He was as excited as
      I was! It turns out his great-grandfather was Jozefat Gadzalinski and his
      great-grandmother was Tekla. My great-grandfather was Walenty Gadzalinski
      and my great-grandmother was Tekla. He told me Jozefat's full name was
      Jozefat Walenty Gadzalinski. Yes...we did indeed have the same

      Then Slawomir told him his grandfather was Roman Gadzalinski (b. 6 Feb 1899)
      who was the brother of Zdzislaw, Wldayslaw and Czeslaw. My grandfather was
      Czeslaw Gadzalinski and I was always told he had two sisters and one brother
      (Wladyslaw). Now I have learned of two more younger brothers of my
      grandfather that I didn't know existed!! I was amazed and elated!!

      I learned that Zdzislaw (b. 1894) had one son; Jerzy (George) Gadzalinski.
      Jerzy would have been my dad's first cousin--and my dad's name was George

      Next, Slawomir told me his grandparents, Roman and Marianna, had three
      children: Irena (b. 1927), Halina (b. 1929) and Jan (his father; b. 1936).
      Three more cousins of my dad and his siblings! My dad had a baby sister
      named Irene that died in Jan. 1925 at 13 months. Irena in Poland was named
      for her. Irena died in 1984 at age 57 (never married). Halina married twice
      and has a son and a daughter and 4 grandchildren. Jan married Lucyna (b.
      1937) in 1959. Slawomir, their only chid, was born at year later. Jan
      Gadzalinski died in 1996 at age 60. (My dad died in 1988 at age 57).
      Slawomir and I (a year apart in age) are second cousins. Slawomir is a
      financial advisor, married to his second wife Jolanta, and has two sons (one
      from his marriage).

      Now Slawomir and I are sharing photos, more dates and details, and also
      historical documents. We are also talking about meeting in person. I would
      LOVE to make arrangements to visit Poland in June 2013 because that will be
      the 100th anniversary of when my grandfather Czeslaw arrived in the United
      States at Ellis Island.

      I'm waiting for another email from Slawomir with more dates and details and
      then on Sept. 28th (my day off), I will share this exciting news of the
      Gadzalinski family of Poland to my siblings and my first cousins!!

      Now if I can make a breakthrough like this someday with my paternal
      grandmother's family in Poland (she had three brothers and two sisters), I
      would be ecstatic!

      With best regards,
      Ron Gadzalinski
      Tampa, FL

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