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  • Bloodhound; Kermit
    Sep 5, 2012
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      > 1920 Hays, York, Nebraska
      > Clarance Sanders 23:NE:Eng:IL
      > Tessie Sanders 22:NE:NE:US
      > Ruth E Sanders 2m:NE

      1900 Hays, York, Nebraska
      Clara B Sanders 41:IL:OH:Eng married 19 yrs, 6 children 6 living
      Edna R Sanders 15:NE:Eng:IL
      Ralph Sanders 13:NE:Eng:IL
      Hellen A Sanders 10:NE:Eng:IL
      Clarence J Sanders 4:NE:Eng:IL born May 1896

      Now - looking in YORK County for SA*NDERS -
      there is one who is born ENGLAND -
      1900 Baker, York, Nebraska
      Frank M Mundy 44:NY:NY:NY married 16 yrs
      Fanny Mundy 36:IL:OH:Eng
      (), Clifford I/14, Florence J/10, Philip S/7, Monroe A/5, Dewey/1
      Henry Sanders 46 brother-in-law born Feb 1853 England
      - married 19 yrs, immigration 1854

      Lets go "CSI" on this - in the same county in Nebraska, we see a HENRY SANDERS born England married 19 years but no spouse with him; we see a CLARA SANDERS married 19 years and children whose father was born England but the father is not present; both CLARA SANDERS and FANNY MUNDY are born IL:OH:Eng.
      Tentative conclusions: Henry Sanders looks to be the father of Clarence, and Fanny and Clara look to be sisters.
      Henry might only be working at the Mundy house - not necessarily "kicked out" or separated.

      Collateral track - if you can find Fanny's maiden name, then there is a good chance that you therefore determine Clara's maiden name (or vice versa).

      U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
      Name: Clarence Jennings Sanders
      County: York, Nebraska
      Birthplace: Trumble, Nebraska
      Birth Date: 7 May 1896
      Single, Farmer

      Nebraska, State Census, 1885 (index)
      1885 Scovill, Hamilton, Nebraska
      (index lists individuals, not family-groups)
      H. Saunnder 30 England
      Clark Saunnder 26 Illinois
      Eva Saunnder 3 Illinois
      Hubert Saunnder 2 Illinois
      Bulie Saunnder 1m Nebraska

      I'm not sure if this is the same family, but SAUNNDER could be SANDER/SAUNDER, and CLARK could be CLARA (the right age and born Illinois), and H could be HENRY. The children are more problematic (trying to match 1885 to the 1900 census).

      Which brings us to an interesting 1880 census:
      notice the birthplaces:
      1880 Bristol, Kendall, Illinois
      William Sanders 57 Farmer born England
      Mary Ann Sanders 60 Wife born England
      Clara Pearce 21 Servant born IL:OH:England
      Henry Sanders 26 Son born England
      NOTE: there is another SANDERS household on this censuspage

      And here is a CLARA with a sister FANNY -
      1870 Bristol, Kendall, Illinois

      Illinois Marriages, 1851-1900
      Name: Clara Belle Pearce
      Gender: Female
      Spouse Name: Henry Sanders
      Marriage Date: Jan 05, 1881
      Marriage County: Kendall

      1860 Naausay (P.O. Bristol), Kendall, Illinois
      - indexed as PERNU
      Ezra Pernu? 30 born Ohio
      Fanny Pernu? 26 born England
      Phebe Pernu? 9 born Illinois
      Fred Pernu? 6
      Flora Pernu? 4
      Clarra Pernu? 2
      NOTE: surname starts PE, ends with E, and has I somewhere in it.

      (And that's how I got my nickname "Bloodhound".)

      - Tom Knox

      --- In private email to "Bloodhound; Kermit", serch34 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tom , Thank you again :-) On the Clarence J Saunders -Tessie Ellen's first husband - Census records show the name being Sanders/ some different views of weather it was saunders or sanders . I believe it to be Sanders. Clarence J Sanders was born to Clara b Sanders (b) 1858/59 oct. in Illinois( Clara Belle - Clarabelle) 1900 census shows her being married abt 1881-married 19 years Its shows her having 6 children Clarence J - AGE 4 Birth Date fits. -1930 census shows her widowed age 71 No records show her spouse's name . Robert B Larson (b)abt.1877 immigrated 1899 (d)1925 Jamestown NY - res. of Jamestown . (m) Olga E (b) 1887 NY parents born sweden -no maiden name for her . Your research solved a lot of misteries, but Im still a little confused about the Hesse Darmstadt connection. Tom , again I TY .
      --- In genealogychatfriends@yahoogroups.com, serch34 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Kermit
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