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  • grannymoss2
    Jan 1, 1999
      I stumbled on something I hope others will find
      amusing and worth doing. Over holidays I have a 9 yr old
      grandson who asked for chedder cheese last year and this
      year. I know that is funny, but what I decided to do
      and add to my my family notes the food perferences,
      style of clothes, hair colors dimples, speech and etc
      that I can remember of family members past and present
      liking or having. I think these little notes will be
      what family members will enjoy more than knowing good
      old granddad was born in 1922 My mom whose father was
      Swiss loved cheese of any kind and most of my grandkids
      do. Another grandson said he wants the hard cheese! .
      LOL happy New Year and make our family more personal
      than just dates I also keep the Christmas lists that I
      get from them so each child will have memories to
      cherish.<br><br><br>Grannymoss2aka<br>Rita Moss