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10166Updated Family Tree

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  • ladyquadressus
    Sep 2, 2009
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      Evening Everyone, Just a little note to let everyone know that I've updated the family tree. The link the family tree is below. If you have any questions or changes to the tree please let me know and I wish everyone happy hunting *HUGS*. Melody Byard

      The Byard Family Tree


      Surnames I am currently working on: Ball, Beck, Bedwell, Byard, DeCou, Ham, Hazelrod, Haselroth, Holmes,Gaunt, Laton,Lippincott, Mason,McCain,Morris, Perkins, Pancoast, Shaw, Shinn, Sherman,Taylor, Wilson, Woodward and Young

      Updated Surnames:

      Beath, Beck, Bullock, Bunting, Clark, Clay, Davis, Denelsbeck, Doughty, Dunn, Dutton, Empson, Field, Gibbs, Holmes, Hornerland, Hewes, Hustin, James, Johnson, Jones, Land, March, Maxwell, Newbold, Nicholson, Nickols, Parker, Pancoast, Ridge, Sage, Sharpless, Scholey, Shute, Spoonmore, Spooner, Stevenson, Taylor, Townsend, Van Dusen, West,Wharton, White, Wiley, Wilson, Winder, Winslow, Woodward, Woolman, Wright
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