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Re: [genea-cz] SVU World Congress UPDAT

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  • Mgr. Milan Sismis
    Dear Mr. Rechcigl, thank you very much for all the information on the SVU World Congress. It will be surely a great undertaking and I am a bit sorry not to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2000
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      Dear Mr. Rechcigl,
      thank you very much for all the information on the SVU World Congress. It will be
      surely a great undertaking and I am a bit sorry not to take part in it. Anyway, I
      wish you a lot of success.
      With best regards,
      Milan Sismis,
      Secretary of the SGHS MS

      Rechcigl@... wrote:

      > Dear Friends:
      > I wish to bring you up to date on the preparation of the SVU World Congress
      > on which I informed you previously. It will be a truly monumental event, with
      > over fifty different sessions, symposia and discussion panels. The details
      > are given below.
      > I hope that at least some of you will attend this extraordinary event.
      > With personal regards,
      > Mila Rechcigl
      > ---------------
      > A Pivotal Event of the Year 2000
      > This is an update and the last call to invite you to attend our SVU World
      > Congress in Washington, DC on August 9-l3, 2000. This is our 20th
      > Anniversary Congress. The Congress will take place on the campus of American
      > University, which has gone out of its way to make it a success. All the
      > logistics and local arrangements are completed.
      > This will be a truly monumental congress. The program will offer a large
      > number of choices, from general cultural themes to the arts, humanities,
      > social and behavioral sciences, science and technology and various sessions
      > regarding Czechs and Slovaks abroad.
      > The eventful 5-6 days will commence already on Tuesday afternoon with a
      > reception in honor of the Slovak and Czech American community leaders, by the
      > Slovak Ambassador and Ms. Butora in their residence. The official opening of
      > the Congress will be in the morning of August 9. In the afternoon there will
      > be a special plenary session on "Czechs and Slovaks who Made a Difference in
      > the Second Millennium" which will include presentations on such world figures
      > as Hus, Komensky, Dvorak, Mendel and Freud. In the evening there will be a
      > festive reception hosted by the Czech Embassy, jointly with the SVU
      > Washington DC Chapter.
      > Individual sessions will be on Thursday thru Saturday, August l0-l2th. The
      > academic program in the arts will include two musicology sessions, theater,
      > and history of art and architecture. The humanities will comprise of
      > literature, literature in translation, two poetry sessions, linguistics,
      > modern history and military history. In addition, there will be three
      > sessions relating to Bohemian Reformation and a symposium on US response to
      > the Slovak National Uprising.
      > The social and behavioral sciences will cover contemporary Czech and Slovak
      > Republics, human rights in the two republics, creation of Civil Society
      > through NGOs , inter-ethnic relations, volunteerism, politics and government,
      > law and justice, media and journalism, economics, business and trade, foreign
      > investments, women's issues and the Holocaust,
      > Science and technology will feature a two part "Twentieth Century Science
      > Symposium: Success Stories and Experiences of Czech-American Scientists,"and
      > sessions on medicine and clinical research, health care, biological sciences,
      > physical sciences, information technolology and future of planet earth.
      > The general cultural subjects will include a symposium on education reform in
      > Central Europe, a symposium on Sokol, its history and its perspectives for
      > the future, a session on sports with the participation of Aja Vrzanova,
      > genealogy and family history, and a symposium on Czech beer.
      > The academic program on the Czech and Slovak presence abroad will feature
      > sessions on emigration and immigration, early settlements and communities,
      > cultural contributions of Czechs and Slovaks abroad, Czech and Slovak
      > repositories in America, future of Czech and Slovak studies abroad , Czech
      > and Slovak entrepreneurship abroad, and the role and personal experiences of
      > Honorary Consuls of Czech and Slovak Republics in the US.
      > Part of the program has been prepared by our younger generation. Bruce
      > Berglund organized four panels under the title "New Perspectives in Czech and
      > Slovak Studies." In addition, there will be a discussion panel organized by
      > Anna Vysoka on "The Next l00 Years: The Younger Generation Speaks Out".
      > Apart from the academic program there will be a number of other exciting and
      > entertaining activities. The highlight will be a banquet cruise on the
      > Potomac and an excursion to Monticello, the home of President Thomas
      > Jefferson. The participants will have an opportunity to also attend the U.S.
      > premiere of a poetic drama by one of the most outstanding Czech playwrights
      > living today. The play "Hour of Love," translated into English by Vera
      > Borkovec) is the work of Josef Topol, recipient of many prizes and most
      > recently of the prestigious Karel Capek Literary Award.
      > You are urged to take advantage of this unusual event and spread the word
      > among your friends. This will be a pivotal event of the year 2000 for
      > anybody interested in the thing Czech and Slovak. I look forward to seeing
      > you there in large numbers.
      > The out-of-towners are urged to preregizster with Blanka Kudejin order to be
      > assured of relatively inexepensive accomodations at american university. She
      > can be otacted at: Elitexintsk@...
      > ---
      > Miloslav Rechcigl
      > SVU
      > President
      > P.S. I am sorry if you have received this notice before. It is possible that
      > I may have mixed up up my addresses.
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