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323Family Stories - The Stories Are The Key

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  • pioxevdhuytt
    Nov 12, 2008
      The family stories are the key. You have been collecting dry bits of
      information and facts for some time. Your search for your ancestors has
      given you a glimpse into the past. But the research can also be
      frustrating and intimidating. What do I do with these facts? How do I
      present this information so that everyone can appreciate the challenges
      and sacrifices that my ancestors made? The facts take time to collect,
      but the stories pop up at the most unexpected times and are the key to
      making your tree come alive for the rest of your family.
      Your family history, your heritage, is more than just dates and places.
      Our challenge, as family historians, is to not only discover the
      ancestors' names and dates but to research and find the stories that
      each one of them left behind. The stories may be in scrapbooks and
      Family Bibles in our Grandmother's front room or in newspaper articles
      that were published decades ago. Still other stories may be recorded in
      history books or even heritage group publications....