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  • Eduardo Mauro
    ... From: Gerald Nunn To: Gel IDE List Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 2:05 AM Subject: [gelide] Version 0.80
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2002
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      From: "Gerald Nunn" <gnunn@...>
      To: "Gel IDE List" <gelide@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 2:05 AM
      Subject: [gelide] Version 0.80 out


      We are fixing right now the forum problem. A bug was introduced with a new
      feature which permits you to link the whole site. See the news entry that I
      posted regarding version 0.80. Let me show briefly the syntax:

      [[word]] -> makes a link to a page named word. If the page does not exist,
      you can create it.

      [[word|alias]] -> makes a link to a page named word but show alias at the

      [[issue:num|alias]] -> makes a link to issue num. If a alias is specified
      then the alias is used in the link.

      [[task:num|alias]], [[faq:num|alias]], [[poll:num|alias]] -> same as above.

      [[url:address]] -> makes a link to the given address. You can use a alias

      [[img:name]] -> makes a link to a image. You can upload images. There is a
      new administration item to control them.

      [[goto:page|alias]] -> makes a link to a special page. Page can be: FAQS,

      Also, you can always use HTML tags to improve the text presentation. You can
      use the link in news, remarks, faqs, almost anywhere.
      I hope that with this new feature we can improve the experience of your
      users at the site.

      Best regards,

      Eduardo Mauro
      Acabit Tecnologia Ltda.
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