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Re: [gelide] Custom JDB

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  • Gerald Nunn
    I ll have a look at this for after RC33a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1 6:38 PM
      I'll have a look at this for after RC33a

      On 5/29/2003 at 8:41 AM Machiel Groeneveld wrote:

      >I would like to use the jdb features in Gel with a remote vm. I have
      >Tomcat running in debug-mode and I attach jdb to it to debug my
      >servlets. This works great, but it would be even better if Gel
      >supports this kind of debugging (and make it possible to set
      >breakpoints etc). I'm not sure but I guess I just need to be able to
      >set a custom jdb command instead of the default "jdb CLASSPATH
      >To start tomcat:
      >C:\development\j2sdk1.4.1\bin\java.exe -Xdebug -
      >Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_shmem,address=jdbconn,server=y,suspend=y -jar -
      >Duser.dir="C:\Development\Tomcat 4.1" "C:\Development\Tomcat 4.1
      >\bin\bootstrap.jar" start
      >To attach:
      >jdb -attach jdbconn
      >Hope you can look into this.
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