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Bug: Extra ">" character being displayed in all Elements

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  • Saumendra Poddar <saumendrapoddar@yahoo.c
    In the html editor i type the character
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2002
      In the html editor i type the character "<", the element code
      assistant is displayed. Now I select a element.. for example I select
      the font element.
      The editor shows the following

      <Font>| ( |<-- represents cursor )

      Since the cursor is outside the font tag I move the cursor one step
      back because I want to add attributes. So my cursor is at the
      following position.


      I hit space, and then i do ctrl+shift+spacebar so that I can get code
      assist for attributes. I select attribute called "color". Now this is
      what is displayed on the editor.

      <Font Color>>

      There is an extra ">" character which needs to be removed. This is a
      BUG that needs to be cleared

      I have found this in the html editor.. I guess this needs to be
      checked in all the other editors too.


      Another thing..
      When I create a new HTML file.
      Gel automatically creates the following tags



      As u can see, all the elements are capital characters. Now the
      elements in the code assist are mixed case, the first character is
      capital, and the rest is in small characters, for example "<Font>".
      This does not look consistant. What do u say?
      I don't know what the html standard is, whether it should be in
      capitals, small, or mixed. But I strongly think that it should be
      consistant. I think if u make all the elements and attributes small
      character, it would be better. But if there is some sort of HTML
      standard, then I guess that the standard should be followed.

      Automatic code formatting while typing code is not present. I think I
      remember u said that it was on your wish list.
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