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Re: [gelide] Re: Possible enhancement

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  • AndrĂ© Matheus
    I really agree that it would be a great function. Could very well be something like Lock Toolbars and Windows , or maybe a Save/Restore Toolbars/Windows
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2002
      I really agree that it would be a great function. 
      Could very well be something like "Lock Toolbars and Windows", or maybe a "Save/Restore Toolbars/Windows Position", I think that all two would solve the problem.
      And also, thanks for all your work.
      André Matheus
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      My reply is inline...

      --- In gelide@y..., "Gerald Nunn" <gnunn@g...> wrote:
      > Chris,
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      > >Hi there, still a fab IDE - I use it everyday.
      > >But my constant problem is that I accidentally tear docked items
      > >by mistake, particularly undocking the console, or accidentally
      > >removing a toolbar.
      > You can right click the toolbar, select customize and on the last
      tab turn off "Enable Docking". Having said that, it is not perfect as
      you can still drag the toolbars around. I'll look into that
      > >Its just I spend hours trying to redock the things and they never
      > >seem to go where I want them (where they came from). And what
      > >be really nice is just to stop me being able to undock things
      > >accidentally.
      > No problem, is it just the toolbars or windows too?

      Windows too would be nice.

      Its a silly thing really but you know that some things just niggle at
      you after a while, when you're using it all day every day.

      Cheers (and thanks again for all your work)


      > Gerald

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