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  • Christopher Demers
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2002
      FREE Computer With Merchant Account Setup


      Do you accept credit cards? Your competition does!


      Everyone Approved - Credit Problems OK!
      Approval in less than 24 hours!
      Increase your sales by 300%
      Start Accepting Credit Cards on your website!
      Free Information, No Risk, 100% confidential.
      Your name and information will not be sold to third parties!
      Home Businesses OK! Phone/Mail Order OK!
      No Application Fee, No Setup Fee!
      Close More Impulse Sales!

      Everyone Approved!

      Good Credit or Bad!  To apply today, please fill out the express form below. It contains all the information we need to get your account approved. For area's that do not apply to you please put "n/a" in the box.

      Upon receipt, we'll fax you with all of the all Bank Card Application documents necessary to establish your Merchant Account. Once returned we can have your account approved within 24 hours.

      ServiceIndustry Standard


      Site Inspection$50 - $75FREE
      Shipping$50 - $75FREE
      Warranty$10 Per MonthFREE
      Sales Receipts$10 - $50 FREE
      Fraud Screening

      $.50 - $1.00
      Per Transaction

      FREE Amex Set Up $50 - $75 FREE 24 Hour Help Line $10 Month FREE Security Bond $5000- $10,000
      Or More

      This is a No Obligation Qualification Form and is your first step to accepting credit cards. By filling out this form you will "not enter" in to any obligations or contracts with us. We will use it to determine the best program to offer you based on the information you provide. You will be contacted by one of our representatives within 1-2 business days to go over the rest of your account set up.

      Note:  All Information Provided To Us Will Remain 100% Confidential !! 

      Apply Free With No Risk!

      Please fill out the express application form completely.
      Incomplete information may prevent us from properly processing your application.

      Your Full Email Address:
      be sure to use your full address (i.e. user@...)
      Your Name:
      Business Name:
      Business Phone Number:
      Home Phone Number:
      Type of Business:
      Retail Business
      Mail Order Business
      Internet Based Business
      Personal Credit Rating:
      How Soon Would You Like a Merchant Account?

      Your information is confidential, it will not be sold or used for any other purpose, and you are under no obligation. Your information will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating your business or website for a merchant account so that you may begin accepting credit card payments.

      List Removal/OPT-OUT Option
      Click Herem

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