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[Patch] gtk2 and better mutt/imap integration

First, apply the gtk2 patch from the debian contributors: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=515274 . The patch below fixes the following bugs *
May 21, 2009

Re: Gbuffy doesnt show new mail

... Hi, that works and sice yesterday now gbufyy shows the new mail thx a lot for a advice. Menuhin
May 20, 2008

Re: Gbuffy doesnt show new mail

... So, the following works? mutt -f imap://menuhin@.../INBOX Chau, Andy. -- The only stupid question is the unasked one.
Andy Spiegl
May 19, 2008

Re: Gbuffy doesnt show new mail

... I might have missed the start of this thread, but it is not uncommon on my setup that gbuffy fails to report new mail. I sometimes have to stop and
Bill Moseley
May 19, 2008

Re: Gbuffy doesnt show new mail

... I was trying inbox or INBOX no changes it happens nothing.And im sure that the path is inbox. Menuhin
May 18, 2008

Re: Gbuffy doesnt show new mail

instead of ... Does that help? Andy. -- Beim Skifahren bei wenig Schnee hat man schnell Dreck am Stecken. (Willy Astor)
Andy Spiegl
May 18, 2008

Gbuffy doesnt show new mail

I`ve installed GBuffy on NetBSD 4.0 from the source. GBuffy dont show me new mail on my IMAP Server. Here is my Config: { mailboxes = ( { type = imap; title =
May 18, 2008

Re: space in mailbox path doesn't work

... uhh, thanks! ... I tried without success. Are you going to release a new version soon? Otherwise I'll forward your patch to the debian maintainer. Thanks
Andy Spiegl
Feb 11, 2008

Re: space in mailbox path doesn't work

Its a bug, the line 528 in imap.c should be: Is: snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), "%s STATUS %s (MESSAGES RECENT)\r\n", seq, Should be: snprintf (buf, sizeof
Brandon Long
Feb 11, 2008

space in mailbox path doesn't work

Hi, gbuffy fans! I've got a serious problem with spaces in the name of IMAP folders. Our imap server Cyrus has the annoying feature of using paths like this:
Andy Spiegl
Feb 11, 2008

FC 2

I've seen a few old posts about Fedora Core 2 support. Anyone got it working yet? I had it working after upgrading form RH8, but after cleaning house of old
John Campbell
Sep 23, 2004

gbuffy bug with sylpheed

There seems to be a bug with sylpheed which causes gbuffy to not highlight the unread messages in a mailbox when the left button is pressed. I have traced the
Sep 11, 2004

Re: gbuffy on FC2

I don't currently have a fedora2 box, so not much I can do about that. One of these days I should upgrade from rh6.1, I guess. Brandon ... -- "Of all the
Brandon Long
Jun 16, 2004

gbuffy on FC2

Hi, Any chance we will be having a Fedora Core 2 version of gbuffy? It is becoming very necessary since some of the libraries have been superseded in Fedora
Jun 16, 2004

[PATCH] More userfriendly login + imap bug fix

Here's a simple patch adding some user friendlyness to gbuffy's login dialog and a vital imap bugfix. o Make Enter in the login dialog submit the dialog.
    Eivind Tagseth
    Mar 9, 2004
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